Reusable Gel Packs help provide hot or cold therapy for convenient and effective pain relief. It is made of non-toxic materials that do not contain DEHP.

Reusable Hot and Cold Therapeutic Gel Pack

    • Convenient, effective pain relief for use anytime, anywhere.
    • Consistent hot or cold therapy up to 30 minutes as used in hospitals.
    • Includes protective sleeve.
    • Benefits of cold therapy: Relieves pain, reduces swelling, decreases inflammation, helps provide short-term relief for minor injuries, bruises, sprains, strains, and post surgery.
    • Benefits of heat therapy: Promotes healing, decreases inflammation, reduces joint and muscle pain, helps provide short-term relief for minor injuries, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and body aches.
    • Effective temperature therapy.
    • Easy to use, just freeze or microwave.
    • Includes protective sleeve.
    • Contents: Water, propylene glycol and arctic gel.
    • Disposable.