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The LPR 2000™ deploys unique opposing force technology to accelerate healing in the lumbar spine. When the straps are pulled properly (outward and upward at a 45° angle), the straps work simultaneously to lift and compress the patient’s anterior weight. The result is a distinct postural improvement and often a significant improvement in pain symptoms. This system wraps around the lower back for reliable protection and support. This is a LSO (Lumbo Sacral Orthosis) brace that immobilizes the patient from the sacrococcygeal junction to above the T9 vertebra. Adjustable straps provide the user with a custom fit feel and provide lift and compression to improve posture. This provides the user with comfort and often a significant improvement in pain symptoms.

Lumbar-Sacral Orthosis Back Brace Support

    • Constant compression and support with room to breathe easily.
    • Lightweight.
    • Comfortable to wear and fits right under your clothing.
    • Relieves load on lumbar discs to help alleviate pressure on spine.
    • Disc space creation can alleviate nerve root impingement.
    • Low profile design for maximum patient compliance and comfort.
    • Easy to clean and dry.
    • Side lateral panels provide maximum lateral stability.
    • Indicated for: Spondylosis, chronic lumbar instability, post-operative rehabilitation, degenerative disc disease, chronic back pain, spinal stenosis, herniated lumbar disc.
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