•Drive Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Chair has attractive sling style seating

•Comes standard with seat belt, seat cushion with pouch, swing-away footrest with calf straps, heel loops and anti-tippers

•Adjustable padded tension back upholstery and cushioned seat

•Flat free, 12.5" black drive wheels and wheel locks

•Folding battery tray with batteries included

•22" model has double cross brace frame

•Front 8" flat free black casters

•Adjustable length joystick mount

•Tested and surpassed ANSI RESNA testing requirement

Maintenance & Cleaning:

-  Avoid knocking or bumping the controller, and the joystick

- Avoid prolonged exposure of your power chair to extreme conditions, such as heat, cold, or moisture

- Keep the controller and joystick clean

- Check all controller connectors are tight and secured properly

- Never hose off your power chair or place it in direct contact with water

- Keep the upholstery and frame clean by wiping with a soft cloth, particularly after driving through wet, sandy or muddy conditions. Do not use harsh abrasive materials when cleaning. Do not apply liquid cleaners or solvents directly to the controller, battery charger or any electrical connections

- Keep wheels free from lint, hair, sand and carpet fibers

- Lightly oil axle pin, wheel axles and bearings once every three months

- Use only recommended batteries and have batteries changed only by Qualified Dealers

-  Charge batteries regularly. Make sure the charger lead plugs are engaged properly in the sockets. Do not disconnect by pulling the cord

- With the controller turned off, check the joystick. Make sure it is not bent or damaged and that it returns to center when you release it. Check the rubber boot around the base of the joystick for damage. Visually inspect the boot. Do not handle or try to repair it. See authorized dealer if there is any problem

- Visually inspect the controller harnesses. Make sure that they are not frayed or cut or have any wires exposed. See authorized dealers if there is a problem with any of these harnesses

- Ensure that all parts of the controller system are securely fastened to your Power wheelchair. Do not over tighten any screws


  • Drive Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Chair has a foldable, lightweight frame that makes portability and transportation easy and convenient. It features an integrated, programmable PG controller with adjustable height and width, flip-back detachable arms, attractive carbon steel frame with silver vein finish. It has adjustable tension back upholstery and folding battery tray.


    *HCPCS Code K0823